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Saving energy saves companies money. That’s the obvious bit.

The less obvious bit is how to go about doing it and that’s where we come in.

Better Connected is a leading provider of energy purchasing and management with 36 years collective experience across mobile, fixed telecom and energy management.

We know what works, what to look for, where to look and who to call.

We’ve got the industry contacts, the new solutions, the market intelligence and the negotiation skills.

So whether you’re a big corporate or a small or medium sized enterprise, we can always get you the best products, the best prices and the biggest savings.

But it’s not all just about making significant reductions. Our business enjoys some notable increases too.

Year on year, we’ve grown by 100% and now service over 800 clients, not to mention manage over 24 Gigawatts of electricity and gas supply contracts.

So you could say we’re full of energy.

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Michael Curgenven

Michael Curgenven – CEO

Whilst driving our own growth, we also know we’re helping put real money back into the economy. In the summer of 2009, when the decision to build a business occurred to me, I was confident that we’d be able to deliver on both of these things. Having achieved so many positive results for our customers and accumulated a portfolio of positive responses from them, I’m proud that the dedicated team here at Better Connected has since delivered the promises we originally made.

Ashley Barrett

Ashley Barrett – Sales Director

As a national sales consultant with 15 years experience in this arena, my primary role is visiting new and existing clients and dealing with the procurement of their utility and renewable services, and across our full portfolio of products & services. I also lead on all of Better Connected’s sales activities, both field telesales, setting all targets for the business. Additionally, I liaise with our central office team across customer service issues and the training and development of our staff.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones – Energy Consultant

I specialise in dealing with multi-site and large corporate clients’ energy supplies. Day to day, I deal with a diverse range of tasks and projects, which include Energy Management Action Plans (reduction in consumption & ongoing monitoring); energy procurement & cost analysis; energy Mapping; aM&T services; fixed telecom purchasing & cost analysis; telecom data purchasing & cost analysis (broadband, fibre, ethernet etc); Solar PV and Wind Turbine – installation/site survey/installation/maintenance/monitoring as you’ve probably established, I live and breathe energy and business services!

Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe – Contract Administrator

My priority is to deal with existing clients on their renewal process across all products, offering help and support in all areas. This requires me to liaise with all suppliers producing energy proposals and inputting contracts. I routinely make courtesy calls to our existing client base to update them about the new services available to them, and new ways to save money and increase efficiency across their business.

Stefan Barrett

Stefan Barrett – Account Manager

My job roles are varied and I have many different tasks to complete when in the work place, I am currently running the operations of Data Jigsaw making sure that the business runs smoothly, efficiently and without complication. My job role also extends to working in the telecoms side of the business, understanding how to breakdown bills and propose new supplies. I hope to excel and prosper not just for myself but for the future of the business and our clients.

Mike Foster

Mike Foster – Telecoms Administrator & Account Manager

My focus within Better Connected is two-fold, I oversee the day to day running of the Telecoms Services currently live with Better Connected Solutions, answering client queries and producing proposals and quotes for those interested in having all their business services managed from one central location.  I also liaise with the Field Sales team and the Account Managers to ensure that the service given to New Clients and Existing Clients remains the same, no matter how long they have been within our field of knowledge.  The second part of my role is that of an Energy Portfolio Manager, within this role I’m tasked with engaging with new clients who have recently met with one of our Field Sales team to take them through the processes that have been agreed, whether this is a historic audit, tendering for their future supply contracts or assisting with ongoing situations with their current suppliers.  I’m also responsible for several existing clients and I make myself available to assist them with any queries they may have regarding their accounts, I also ensure that we keep them up to date with the status of their supplies so that they never find themselves Out of Contract.  Both roles keep me quite busy but I pride myself on the accuracy of my work and thrive on the puzzles sent across my desk!

Charlene Jones

Charlene Jones – Marketing Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator, I am currently running the management of field representative’s diaries and the tracking of appointments and marketing costs within Better Connected. This requires me to liaise with both the client and external companies daily to ensure we are continuing to deliver the highest level of service possible. Alongside my marketing role, I work closely with our Directors and field representatives to ensure the beginning of our customers journey with Better Connected runs smoothly. As part of the customer journey at Better Connected, our customers receive contact from myself with an invitation to their appointment with us and again after they have their first appointment with our field representatives. This contact is vital as they will be informed the next step in their journey with us and are able to ask any questions they may have before they are assigned a personal account manager.

Nigel Baker

Nigel Baker – Field Sales Manager

I am the first face to face contact of the business and with over 33 years of customer facing roles, you the customer are the most important part of our business. Our initial meeting is to provide you with the information of how we can do an audit of your Gas & Electric supplies, starting with your existing suppliers and then going back up to 4 years (including previous suppliers) to see if you have been overcharged at any point and if you have, we will then liaise with all suppliers concerned to make sure you receive a full refund of the amount overcharged. We find that 80% of our customers have been overcharged and a refund is due, but even if you are one of the lucky 20% who hasn’t been overcharged, this is still a good thing because at least now you have peace of mind knowing that you have been paying the correct amount over the last 4 years. This is a free service for our customers to do the audit and we only charge a small amount of 7% +VAT of any refund received, but only after the money is in your bank account and after you are happy with the service provided. Last year we saved our customers over £867,000.

Our team is continuously expanding, and we’re always interested to hear from bright individuals across field and telesales, sales support and administration roles. If you want to put together a more rewarding career, then perhaps it’s time to get Better Connected. If you fancy a chat, e-mail us with a copy of your CV and tell us in no more than 150 words what makes you interesting. We’ll be in touch.

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